Denim Crush

Denim is a trend that is always in style. From the classic denim jacket and distressed blue jeans to denim shirts and skirts. Denim is also taking the accessory world by storm with fray denim slides, belts, bags, chokers you name it. But you know a trend would not be complete without a Trendy Turban. Now you can add our denim turban to your denim crush obsession. Watch out latest video on YouTube to get the look!


Karen Dennis

Hi Trendyturban,
I hope this emails finds you in perfect peace and harmony.
My name is Karen Dennis and I have just been introduced to your site and I must say I’m in love with your turbans.
My wedding anniversary is coming up on December 3rd and I want to look absolutely amazing for my husband of 30 years, we have 5 adult children and 2 grandchildren.
I just ordered the red original turban because I love love 😍 everything red.
When I saw you had the red velvet turban I knew I had to write you and ask; when will you have the red velvet, denim, nautical and floral turbans back in stock? But especially the red velvet😊
It’s my prayer that it will be in Nov or sooner♥️
Karen Dennis
Behavioral Fitness Strategist

Fashuna Johnson

Is the leopard print turban returning? (I’m a new natural & new to your site, I’ve been looking at YouTube videos from Face over Matter). Also, will you be restocking the signature black? Thank you


let me know when I can purchase a denim Trendy Turban

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