About Us


MaryJane Igwe is the CEO and Founder of Muse Beauty Company LLC and creator of the Trendy Turban™. MaryJane has been blessed to combine her passion for hair and her expertise in fashion design to create this uniquely amazing hair accessory, Trendy Turban™. 

MaryJane's passion for hair began at the tender age of five when she played with mannequin head dolls. Her passion later blossomed when she got her first job working at a hair salon while in High School. Although she had a strong passion and a natural talent for hair, she loved to make and create new things. She decided to attend Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising where she learned how to perfect her sewing and pattern-making skills.

MaryJane came up with the idea after she was frustrated from wearing the traditional head scarves to bed after getting married. The head scarves were uncomfortable, slipped off at night, and most of all unattractive. This inspired her to come up with a new solution. So she dusted off her old sewing machine from high school took some scrap fabric and started working on the first idea that came to mind.  The first sample was made and that night she wore it for the first time. After a perfect night sleep and compliments from her husband, she knew Trendy Turban™ was the perfect solution for every woman who wraps their hair!