1. How is Trendy Turban™ different from traditional scarves?

The Trendy Turban™ is so much better than traditional scarves because of its unique design. It allows you to apply and create trendy styles with ease. The stretchy lightweight material allows the scalp to breath and conforms to the shape of the head without slipping off. It's knotless design for comfort!

 2. Why is this material better than silk?

Our turbans are made from a material with a "silky feel" but its lightweight for comfort, stretchy to conform to the shape of head, and breathable to allow scalp to breath. Unlike silk the Trendy Turban does not slip off while wearing. 

3. How many styles can you create?

Both the Mini and Original size can create over 20 different amazing styles. 

4. What can the Trendy Turban™ be used for?

Our turbans can be used for those bad hair days when you don't know what to do with your hair. It's great for working out, days at the beach, running errands or going out and going to bed. The options are endless!