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Mask & Turban Set

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If we have to wear a mask, make it fashion! This matching turbans and mask set is all the rage! Make a bold statement with this look! All overs over $100 ships free, no code needed!

About our product

The Sizes: Our turbans come in two sizes, Original and mini.

The Original is our larger size turban. It offer more fabric to work with to create those beautiful iconic turban styles you know and love.

The Mini is smaller which is perfect to wear as a headband a smaller turban styles.

The Fabric: Our fabric is made with a lightweight polyester blend fabric. The material is stretchy with a silky satin like finish so it perfect for naturally curly hair.

The Style: Our turbans are so unique they can be worn in many different ways. Find our many videos on YouTube to get ideas on how to crate various different styles with our turbans. Just search Trendy Turban in the YouTube search bar.